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Common Questions

Can we add a new feature in our App?

We are always adding new features to our Apps, if you have a new feature in mind, please let us know during the sign up process and we may be able to add it to your Mobile App.

How do I update my schedules and rosters?

With every app setup, you will be provided a login to update scores online. Through our embedded content feature we allow you to put all schedules and rosters on your website and keep all teams and schedules up to date.

How do the photos in the App stay updated?

We integrate the photo section with SmugMug, Picasa, Facebook, and Flickr. When you upload a photo, the app automatically updates. With the video section, it works the same way through YouTube.

Can I have a feature sponsor for my App?

Yes, if you have a feature sponsor for your App, please send us a message before signing up to confirm all the setup details for your App.